It feel amazing when the work in which you have put your heart is appreciated.

That’s the Ultimate Goal that every Photographer has for every assignment, I feel lucky to meet such a great people who are more than just a client who went ahead to appreciate my work.


Rakesh Shivare

November 21, 2018

It was an amazing experience working with you. Thanks for making us so comfortable and relaxed. The way you were committed to your work.....hats off. I remember at one point we were tired of getting clicked but you insisted and pushed us to get that perfect click. Also thanks for helping us choosing the location...clothes...props....
We really look forward to work with you in future...
And we wish you all the best for your future projects... May you reach the zenith of success.


Shruti Bhuse

August 6, 2018

Great customer service, photographer, and pictures! I was so happy to get so many photos so I could pick and choose my favorites to keep. They were edited well to make the pictures more professional and flattering. Had a wonderful experience with her.
Highly Recommend!!! Pranita and team were so energetic, creative and talented! You will not get disappointed for sure.


Sayali Sathe

July 24, 2018

Well, what can we say? We found Pranita Chasker a perfect professional, creative and very entertaining photographer. The lengths she would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find and something that should be commended.
Pranita, the work you did for our engagement and for previous shoots was just wonderful!!! We cannot thank you enough for all your time and effort into making our special day, one to remember for the rest of our lives.
It really felt like we had another friend there with us throughout all of our big day. We can say she is the one everyone NEED behind the lens.

Thank you so much Pranita, You are amazing!

123A2442 FINAL.jpg

Shruti Patil

June 20, 2018

We chose Pranita for our wedding pictures! We were so happy n pleased with r pictures! She n her entire team is so good at their work!

They r just incredible!

Love love their work! I’d highly recommend them! 


Shantanu Joshi

February 18, 2018

The absolute best!! 
Pranita is such a fun, comfortable person, which helps you to relax and have fun. 
She made everything so easy throughout the whole day and made sure to get every shot you could want! 
Great at finding nice locations and excellent poses. 
The pictures couldn’t have been better!!

_23A2467 12.jpg

Nishi Upadhyay

December 4, 2017

Thank u Pranita for being so patient. U r one of the best photographers that I have come across, but what matters more than that is that u r a beautiful soul and a very humble human being.

Thank u so much Pranita


Jayanta Mukherjee

September 24, 2017

She is creative, enthusiastic, and above all she has a great amount of patience. Happy to get our pre wedding photography get done by her.
Wish her all the best in her future endeavors

I highly recommend her


Shweta Barate

August 21, 2017

I am happy that we found a great family photographer!!!!
Pranita did an amazing job photographing my new born and family.

She's prompt, professional, patient, warm, and has a natural eye for getting that perfect shot that will make your heart melt.

She captured all our precious moments with our baby that we will always cherish.

We are truly grateful to have met her.thanks a lot

Highly recommended to everyone .


Swati Shikare

August 7, 2017

I had my daughter first Pre - birthday shoot done from PC.

It was such a good experience , Awesome picture clicks, too good editing.

I would recommend it


Pratiksha Pingle 

July 17, 2017

If u love your profession u will make it better.

And she loves her profession.

She will click until she is not satisfied with the click..

Will recommend to my friends and family.

She has a great team too.

And even my friends said u have a great photographer after having a look at my engagement shoot.

All the best Pranita


Omkar Dawkar

July 13, 2017

#PranitaChaskar(PC)- hya tichya naavat ch #PhotoCredits(PC) asa सुंदर अर्थ लपलेला आहे...तसे आम्ही फार काही जुने मित्र नाही आहोत फक्त गेली 3न वर्षे सोबत आहोत MCS पासून तेव्हा पासूनचं तिचा हे फोटोग्राफी चं वेड मी बघितलंय।। तिचा शुन्यापासून चा प्रवास मी बघितलंय आणि तितकाच साक्षीदार पण आहे तिच्या फोटोग्राफी च्या प्रेमाबद्दल....But as a #Photographer तिने जी काही प्रगती केलीये ती खूप म्हणजे खूप वाखान्या जोगी आहे।। तिने प्रत्येक प्रोजेक्ट हाती घेतल्यावर ज्या पद्धतीने खूप मन लावून काम केलंय त्यामुळे ती आज ह्या मोठ्या स्तरावर काम करू शकत आहे।। आणि तिने असच खूप मोठं होत राहावं हीच माझी एक खूप मोठी इच्छा आहे.
एक दिवस असा यावा कि #PC हे नाव खूप मोठं #BRAND
व्हावं #PHOTOGRPAHY #INDUSTRY मध्ये।।।हीच एक इच्छा आहे माझी खूप जवळचा मित्र ह्या नात्याने।।

कोणी तरी म्हंटलय :

#ख़ामोशी_से_अपनी_पहचान_बनाते_रहो...... #वक़्त_खुद_बताएगा_नाम_तुम्हारा.........!!!!���������

When You Live or Die For Your Passion, One Or The Other Day world applauds for it..!!����All d Very Best


Komal Mankar

July 11, 2017

Creative photography she does.... best at Capturing candid shots... loved her photography...


Apeksha Khaire

November 21, 2018

From where to start, More than 8 years of friendship and I'm so happy that you did my pre wedding photo shoot. It is an amazing feeling to get clicked by your bestie. Me and Rakesh were really mesmerized with our pre wedding pics.You have captured our precious moments so beautifully that we can't stop watching the photographs again and again. Pranita has amazing photography skills...
I have seen her growing into fabulous photographer. She is so professional. She has so much patience to get the perfect shot. It was completely our pleasure to have you as our photographer. I highly recommend Pranita Chaskar photography to everyone. Anyone who is confused to get a right photographer can blindly trust Pranita Chaskar photography. Thank you so much Pranita for all the wonderful photographs as usual. We wish you all the very best for your bright future. Lots of love.


Kshitija Shinde

August 6, 2018

​Pranita Chaskar is my very old friend & it's been almost 2 decades Since I know her..I have known her as humble person and as a friend....These days I have started knowing her well as a photographer too....She is an incredibly talented girl n supremely professional and very easy to work with ...She always helps her clients to come up with some great looking and unique photos for their Engagement, Pre Wedding & Wedding..One unique thing about her is that she is very understanding in every situation when it comes to profession and handles every situation very calmly....I would recommend you all Pranita Chaskar Photography, If u wish to capture n preserve your beautiful moments in more beautiful way ... Because at the end it is important to make sure your photographer is a top notch and that is exactly what Pranita is !


Namita Pawar

July 08, 2018

It’s has been great experience with Pranita. 
Have loved her photography and Team coordination also time planning. Will defiantly recommend .

Thank you for capturing my marriage so beautifully highly impressed with the album also.

Sneha Somwanshi

February 22, 2018

Just a short note to say thank you so much for the wonderful photos. The album is fabulous and we love how all the effects and backgrounds we discussed with you a few weeks ago have turned out.

They have really added to the presentation of the pictures. It reminds us of our wedding day and your approach helped contribute to the ‘relaxed’ time that everyone enjoyed.

We love it!

We wish you continued success and we’ll be straight on the phone to you when we have another special moment to capture! Lots of Love..


Ashay Joshi

December 18, 2017

Its always a great experience whenever you shoot with Pranita..
Her efforts and dedication to take the perfect shot and even after that working on each and every photo is what i would like to appreciate.
Right from Venue, Costume and even with the props she helped us in every possible way.
We had a great experience..
We would surely recommend her.
Thanks Pranita for capturing most wonderful moments of our life..

666 (2).jpg

Anjali Ahire Sonawane

November 28, 2017

One of the best Photographer i have met.

The Pre wedding shoot was really behind my thinking and it was really very nice.

The pictures are nice edited and clicked well tool.

Thanks Pranita for an excellent shots.


Punam Kalbande Dhoble

September 18, 2017

It was such a nice experience... 
Just go with @Pranita Chaskar Photography] for the perfect shots... Creative mind with full of passion and patience.

Just keep it up guys.


Urvashi Sinha

August 13, 2017

Pranita did an awesome job with my Sister's engagement pictures!!

She is so enthusiastic & pro in her work!! We all couldn't be happier seeing the pictures!!

Highly recommended!

Way to go Pranita Chaskar Photography Team!


Kiran Bhalerao

July 28, 2017

Pure Class 
Rekindled moments with every snap 
Natural , contemporary yet modern but simple .
Catching different angles


Vrushali Chaskar


July 13, 2017

Just had amazing experience with Pranita while having my own photo shoot.

Passionate about her work. Experience the shoot, everyone will really enjoy... best wishes..


Kaustubh Patkhedkar

July 12, 2017

Fabulous work Pranita.

I never looked that much handsome before  guys I highly recommend Pranita Chaskar to capture your beautiful moments.


Yogita T Mankar

July 11, 2017

Excellent photography...i appreciate the efforts she made to get the perfect shots.


Mayuri Deshpande

November 1, 2018

Thank You so much Pranita Chaskar for making our Pre wedding So Special ❤️ and capturing memories which we will Cherish fore ever ☺️☺️...... You are Absolutely Brilliant , Professional , efficient & Friendly ...... Over excited me & super calm Manoj Kulkarni might have been quite a combination to handle 🙈😜😜 Super Perfect Capture of Back Ground & We Both ❤️


Akshata Gandhi

July 26, 2018

Its was a great experience to shoot with Pranita. We loved the way and the ideas she was filled with for a perfect shot to happen. Her love for her work was amazing..she has a huge stock of innovative ideas.We really enjoyed that time..Her dedication towards her work is seen from the final result u get. We had a great experience. We would surely recommend her. Thanks Pranita for capturing most wonderful and beautiful moments of our life..Pranita. We wish all the very best to u... 


Yogesh Supekar

June 30, 2018

Had an excellent experience while doing my baby's photo shoot by Pranita.

The only problem we have encountered is trying to choose our favorites, because there are just so many amazing shots.


Shreya Bhutkar

February 19, 2018

I am very proud of you dear and also want to say that You are really very passionate and dedicated towards your passion as I have seen your struggle from start. I appreciate your patience, punctuality, efforts, creativity, skills and obstinacy which helps to complete your desired goal.
Thank you for capturing our lovely moments..those awesome clicks are precious to us.
The experience was nice as usual. Her (#PC) suggestions for locations, costumes and poses helps to shoot perfectly..
I loved your way of work and style.Keep it up.Go ahead.


Aditi Vinayak

December 16, 2017

All of you, who wish to have super clicks for yourself or any important events, Please contact Pranita Chaskar!

Superb photography skills with a blend of creative conceptualization!!



Pravin Borole

November 14, 2017

Yes i have great fun experience with Pranita photography....
we r truly happy with her captured all our precious moments in engagement & pre wedding shoot.....
thanks a lot ...
highly recommend to everyone..


Suraj Kotwal

August 23, 2017

We had an amazing experience, 
Pranita is passionate about her work.. 
"She loves what she does so we get what we exactly want..."
Pre-wedding, Marriage and Reception photography, videography and much more - Hatsoff to Pranita and her team..
Excellent Team effort... 
Thank You Pranita for capturing our awesome pictures which r going to b our best memories..


Ashwini Halse Nandure

August 12, 2017

Pranita's team was a pleasure to work with !

If you are looking for a different photography style she is the one!

Think out of the box and has some very unique and beautiful shots.

Very professional and work is AMAZING! Highly recommend.


Bhagyashri Salvi

July 24, 2017

"Going above and beyond, she is the one you NEED behind the lens".

The lengths she would go to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find and something that should be commended. 
She managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos and even included some very funny ones that sum up our relationship perfectly.

We wish you every success for the future. Your outstanding work clearly speaks for itself.

~~Thanks Pranita


Nihal Patel

July 13, 2017

I am Lucky to work with one of the creative mindset i have ever seen .

Its been a pleasure for me to work with this passionate photographer and learn many more innovative photography techniques .

Eager to learn many more things from this super crazy girl .


Tushar D Mankar

July 11, 2017

Excellent photography....All the expectations are fulfilled by her photography without any fail.


Mrunmayee Mahajan

July 7, 2017

It was an amazing experience and Pranita is a passionate photographer with a lot of patience. I appreciate the efforts she made to get the perfect shots. I am gonna recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for a photographer..
Great work and good luck Pranita...
We are gonna be connected for long.